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How safely can you access your tall structures?

Many companies fail to grasp the importance of installing fall arrest systems to facilitate safe regular inspection and maintenance of their industrial chimneys and other high level structures.

Fall arrest systems ensure that your workforce and contractors can gain access to your industrial chimneys and other high access structures safely.

Get  the right fall arrest system for your structures

Since many fall arrest systems fix directly onto the outside of industrial chimneys and other structures, it’s crucial that contractors have the specialist expertise to interpret the design and installation requirements needed on a case-by-case basis.

Careless design and installation could undermine not only the safety of your staff and subcontractors, but the lifespan of your business-critical high level structures, costing more in the long term.

Minimise your company’s risk of accidents

With over 25 years’ experience working at height, we’re experts in everything your business needs for safely working at height in line with your structural inspection and maintenance routines.  

We’ll design a fall arrest system to perfectly complement your structures and minimise long-term costs associated with risk of accident or poor design and installation.   Call today to speak to one of our specialised sales team about installing the right fall arrest system for your high level structures or industrial chimneys.

“Consideration should be given to installing a permanent safety rail [fall arrest system]  to existing chimneys to improve safety. If fitted then the design implications must be adequately addressed to consider imposed dynamic loadings, expansion, formation of cold spots and sealing from weather ingress if clad.” (ATLAS 2004:4)

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